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Tixily allows you to sell any kind of event admissions, including weekend passes, single day admissions, exhibit spaces, and more. We also enable you to sell exhibit booths and more in our easy to use interface.

Pricing Event Tickets
A guide on how to set prices for your event that people will enjoy. Our guide covers insights about setting the ticket price for your events.

Setting Up Tixily
Read this guide to learn how to setup and start using Tixily to manage your event.

About Tixily Video
Learn how to create an account and start using Tixily to plan your event.

Types of Disallowed Events
We do not allow events associated with illegal gambling, raffles, or certain cryptocurrency sales.

5 Key Steps On How To Organize Real-Life Events
It’s not easy to orchestrate an event. There are several things to consider like the venue, speakers to hire, guests to invite, logistics, and never forget the supply of food during the event.

Best Ways to Market an Event
Are you planning an event and feeling lost with where to start? Or have you already started with the preparations but aren't sure how to boost your event and have your desired attendees?

Largest Conferences in the World
Attending a few events or conferences will give so many benefits to every professional out there.

Maximizing Event Engagement with Technology
This guide explores innovative ways to use technology to enhance attendee engagement at your events. Learn about interactive tools, social media strategies, and tech-driven networking opportunities.

Navigating Legal and Compliance Issues in Event Planning
Understanding the legalities and compliance requirements is crucial for any event planner. This guide provides insights into permits, insurance, contracts, and other legal aspects of organizing events.

Sustainable Event Management Practices
Discover how to organize eco-friendly events with this guide. It covers sustainable practices, from reducing waste and carbon footprint to selecting green venues and vendors.

Save Money When Planning Events
This guide provides practical tips on how to budget effectively and cut costs without compromising the quality of your event. Learn about negotiating with vendors, choosing cost-effective venues, and utilizing digital resources for marketing and management.

Save on Fees

Don't pay any ticketing fees with Tixily. There are no hidden fees passed onto your attendees.

Fantastic Insights

If you organize multiple events, Tixily shows historical insights into your registration numbers.

Fast Check-In

Use our check-in programs to check-in attendees faster than you ever have.


See demographics about your attendees including ages, location, and more.