Setting up Tixily

Tixily is software that works in the cloud to help you run your events. No installation necessary, but you do have to add information about your event in order to set it up.

First we need key information about your organization and your event. WHEN, WHERE, WHY. Those are the key details that people will need to know when they are shopping for tickets to your event on Tixily.

Starting with Tixily is free, so the first step is to create your account. Once you create an account you will add your event starting with the event name.

The next step involves adding all your price tiers and ticket types. You can have unlimited different types of tickets. For example: attendee passes, general admission, VIP tickets, exhibitor booths, artist tables, press passes, and so many more! You have the ability to set expiration dates and start dates as well.

Add Tickets / Prices

There are two steps to adding tickets on Tixily:
  1. Add "ticket types" - These are the types of visitors to your event. If your event is all general admission, you can just create one "General Admission" ticket type. These ticket types allow you to be flexible with the types of admission passes you sell to your event, including exhibit booths, special one-off tickets, and general admission.
  2. Add "prices" - Each type of ticket can have an unlimited number of different "prices", which you can set based on your needs. You can set the price, start and end dates for the price, or require an access code to use a price. For example, a weekend event pass might start at one price, and increase in price as the event gets closer.

What kind of ticket types can I add?

Tixily enables you to create a variety of ticket types to cater to the diverse needs of your event attendees. Here are some examples:
  • General Admission: The basic entry ticket for attendees.
  • VIP Tickets: Offer special perks like early access, exclusive areas, or meet-and-greets.
  • Exhibitor Booths: For businesses or individuals who wish to showcase their products or services.
  • Artist Tables: Ideal for artists or creators to display and sell their work.
  • Press Passes: For journalists or media representatives covering your event.
  • Early Bird Tickets: Discounted tickets available for a limited time or quantity.
  • Group Tickets: For groups attending together, possibly at a discounted rate.
  • Workshop or Seminar Passes: For specialized sessions within your event.
  • Day Passes: Tickets valid for a single day of the event.
  • Season Passes: For events occurring regularly over a season or year.
  • Family Passes: Tickets tailored for families, potentially offering discounts for children.
  • Student Tickets: Discounted rates for students with valid identification.
  • Senior Citizen Tickets: Reduced prices for senior attendees.
  • Membership Tickets: For members of a club or organization, often with special benefits.
  • Combo Tickets: Bundles that include access to multiple events or activities.
These ticket types can be mixed and matched to fit the structure and goals of your event, ensuring a flexible and comprehensive ticketing solution.