QR Codes For Your Event

Easily check-in with events using QR Codes.

Going "contactless" might not have had much of an impact a few years ago, but now that the Covid-19 problem has occurred, event goers are becoming more and more hesitant to make physical contact. Event goers and planners alike want to stay away from using physical items where the virus may linger and possibly infect someone else. Contactless check-in is one of the safety regulations that event organizers can put in place to address the safety risks that the COVID-19 has brought about and to make sure that visitors feel secure and safe during an event.

Event goers and staff will have a more productive experience with a check-in process based on QR codes. Without compromising security, it makes use of already-existing infrastructure to reduce wait times, speed up check-in, and provide contactless check-in.

What are QR codes?

QR codes are similar to barcodes, on paper or digital tickets, including boarding cards for airplanes. While barcodes contain numerical data, QR codes are personalized. The information it contains can include a variety of data, the event for which the registration is for, the day and time, the name of the registered participant, and whether the ticket has been paid for.

Tixily uses QR codes to embed distinct check-in URLs for each ticket in your order database. These QR codes are then sent via email to your event goers upon purchasing the tickets. When a user with the right permissions scans the QR code, the URL is visited, and the ticket is checked in automatically. You only need a mobile device with a camera, like a smartphone or tablet, as well as a QR code scanning application to scan QR codes at your events.

The Tixily Check in System

Before the Event

Anyone who purchased a ticket will receive a unique QR code in their email address before the event. Attendees can print out or store the QR code on a piece of paper or on their phone. Even badges or wristbands with QR code printed on them can be distributed or mailed to attendees, this can even serve as a souvenir for the event.

When you sell event tickets online with Tixily, we automatically send out QR codes to your attendees, so they can quickly check-in.

During the Event

Your staff can scan the attendees QR code on the day of the event using any mobile device with a camera. They are not required to enter any information at all. Their identity and the time they came in are automatically recorded after scanning. Long queues are unlikely to form since scanning a QR code takes so little time. Because of its speed, you can even scan them as they depart to gather information on the behavior of your guests.

Icon Showing This Concept Improve the entire event experience for your attendees, starting with faster access with a rapid scan of the QR code on their event ticket at the door. It's a terrific approach to start out strong and leave a good impression.
Icon Showing This Concept A QR code that provides quick and simple mobile access to your events will increase consumer satisfaction and encourage repeat customers. Greater efficiency is provided by QR codes, and they also aid in preventing ticket fraud.
Icon Showing This Concept Tickets are easily created and linked with your event on the backend. Any QR scanning program can be used to instantly verify the validity of event tickets at check-in.

QR code Scanning application

The ability to scan QR codes is practically universal among the apps designed for this purpose, but there is one additional factor to take into account: anyone scanning QR codes at your events must be logged into your Tixily account and have the necessary permissions to check users in. Thus, before attempting to scan tickets, make sure the device is logged in to a Tixily account with necessary permissions. You should also choose an app that redirects to your smartphone's built-in web browser when a web URL is scanned. Before the day of your next event, try any app you are thinking about using for ticket scanning to make sure it functions successfully before check-in time!

Advantages of QR codes

Integrating QR codes is one of the most efficient ways to promote even faster check-in. Tickets with QR Codes help cut down on standing in line for hours to enter events. Check-ins are typically the longest wait that people encounter, outlasting the lines for the restroom, registration, and food stations.

Fast and contactless check in

In less than a minute, event staff at the check-in desk can scan the ticket and grant admission to guests.


You can ensure the security of your event is handled quickly and that everything is tracked, including admission and exit, by printing an unique QR code on each ticket. You can deny entry to fake tickets and log the time in which attendees leave and enter. If you want to offer them a promotion or an upgrade option, this is a good moment to give them a tailored message about the event. This would also prevent ticket sharing and permit re-entry should you wish it, since you are keeping track of the ticket.

Contact Tracing

If you're planning an event in some countries you'll need a mechanism to make sure attendees can be tracked for vaccination status or at least for symptoms checking and attendee screening. Using QR Codes at the entrance and exit points to allow event attendees to provide information about recent travels, any ongoing medical conditions, and whether they are exhibiting any symptoms. This will help the event organizers and local health organizations keep track of any potential infected individuals. In the realm of COVID, there are different restrictions governing events in different areas.

Using QR codes is the new industry standard for easily verifying this, so including it in your event will make things easier.


You may or may not have a lot of information about your attendees, such as names, emails, and other useful details for in-event communication as well as after-event follow-up, depending on how much information was necessary to attend the event. You might only be aware of the principal attendee if a single person bought tickets for multiple attendees, which would limit your interaction with most event goers.

You can collect attendee information, monitor their interest in various event activities or parts, start interacting with them, and give them follow-up information after the event by adding QR code scanners to various event places.

Of course, people won't just hand out their personal information. At the very least the first time you ask for someone's information, you will need to offer value in order to obtain additional information from anyone scanning their QR codes at various booths or locations. Create a prize drawing that attendees may enter to win, offer a free drink in exchange for signing up, or do something else that makes them officially enrolled and trackable.

Use Tixily today

Using Tixily for event tickets is the most reliable way to plan and execute an event without any hassle, whether you are hosting a gala or a meet-up. Nowadays, the majority of individuals have smartphones, making the process of scanning a QR Code to enter an event painless and quick.

The usage of QR Codes for event ticketing is simple, reduces traffic, and provides a trouble-free ticketing solution.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens when the same QR code is used to check in twice?

If the QR code has already been scanned once to check in an attendee, it won't permit another check-in. You'll see a notification saying that this attendee has already checked in.

What happens if someone uses a different QR code?

Since each QR code is distinct, the system won't accept them, which prevents the registrant from being checked in.