Trade Show Planning

Learn how to plan your tradeshow better.

A trade show is a gathering of people from the same business with the purpose of showcasing, demonstrating, and discussing the newest goods and services. Thus, hosting a trade show is an excellent approach to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. However, putting together a good trade show requires a lot of work. It is a heavy burden to plan trade shows. Even if you've attended a lot of trade shows in the past, planning one on your own is very different. Those who have previously arranged a trade show independently nonetheless experience difficulties when beginning a new one. Tixiliy wants to relieve some of those burdens so you can spend more time concentrating on the interesting parts.

Sell tickets to the next big show.

Tixily allows you to sell any kind of event admissions, including weekend passes, single day admissions, exhibit spaces, and more. You can set expiration dates for prices and create all the attendance categories necessary to make your event succeed.

Our online ticketing software, Tixily, can be fully setup in a matter of minutes and meets all of your requirements. The size of your event or the industry you're in does not matter, you'll discover all the resources you need to autonomously handle your registrations and ticket sales. Without any training or special abilities, you can master online ticketing.

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Sell your Tickets Wherever Possible.

You can quickly and easily integrate your ticketing into a facebook page event, or your own website with just a few clicks.Participants can check out with a very intuitive checkout process, and they get an instant and free online confirmation that they can access anytime. This gives your trade show participants confidence in the experience that your event will deliver.

Manage your ticket sales

You can add multiple types of tickets for the press, staff, exhibitor, and guests. You can even customize each ticket category to price each ticket differently.

Create limited-time events to boost your ticket sales, or give promo codes for as many people as you like to promote the show. Give your most passionate customers free sessions, tickets, discounts, or offer a subscription, to main loyalty.

Sell more expensive tickets to your attendees with extra perks. Offer products and services, e.g. clothes, goodies, valet parking, meals, parking space etc. at the moment of purchase.

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No Hidden Fees

The best part of Tixily is the savings on fees. With our pricing, Tixily has no hidden fees passed onto your customers. Your attendees can register for your tradeshow quickly and easily with Tixily's registration system, at no per-person fee for your attendees. Our fee structure is wildly beneficial for organizers of all sizes, allowing you to focus more on your event and less on the transactional details. This is great for events where cost is important, and can put more money into the bank.

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See Real Time Data Analytics

With Tixily’s online ticket management tool, you can gain quick and simple access to your attendance and registration data as well as useful information details on the registration sources of your attendees. With self-service data reporting tools, you can discover what digital marketing and social media efforts are producing results and promote ticket sales online like an expert.

To centralize your guest list, import and export client data in CSV format. Your collected data is your property, and Tixily will never use it for commercial gain or sold to a third-party. Securely gather the data you require to approve attendees for your events.

Plan the show floor.

A professionally designed trade show map lends credibility to any event. Additionally, it makes navigation simpler. By emphasizing booths and other crucial places, the trade show mapping software from Tixily enables you to give a fully configurable visual layout of your trade show floor map.

However, it also goes a step further because your map is entirely interactive with Tixily. Our mapping solution allows you to create a comprehensive show floor map that is easy to update and maintain. Assign booth spaces and publish your map to your trade show visitors. The trade show map is used by exhibitors to choose the booths they want to buy. Attendees can obtain exhibitor company and product information, site links, and contact information in addition to viewing exhibitor previews on the trade show floor plan. Planners can swiftly transition between administrative screens while searching or browsing the interactive floor map online. Other trade show software applications do not offer this capability with the same user-friendly interface. Our powerful mapping feature makes organizing a big trade show easier than ever.

Manage your Schedule


Tixily offers an integrated scheduling system that makes making your schedule simpler than ever, regardless of the type of event you're attending—presentation, discussion, workshop, or anything else. You may construct a detailed event calendar that is simple for your attendees to view by adding an unlimited number of rooms and schedule items.

With ease, you can easily add any number of events and spaces. Your schedule can be as flexible as you are, and you are not restricted to specific room kinds or names. Even hidden activities, like setup or sound checks, can be added; these events will be concealed from audiences but remain visible to you in the back-end.

How do I map exhibit booths for my tradeshow?

It's important to understand how your floor plan affects the placement of exhibitor booths. The design of the booth has an impact on everything, including foot traffic and how long people stay. In a post-pandemic world, you also need to consider how visitors will get to your event because popular booths can lead to traffic congestion.

Brands or partners who are featured should have access to booth locations with high visibility and the greatest ROI possibilities. The greatest and most expensive booths will be farthest from the entrances and in the best location range.

No matter what design you choose, making room for breakout sessions is always a smart move. Attending trade shows are most popularly done for networking purposes. Allow them to use quiet spaces for confidential business discussions.

Our free exhibition planning software allows you to create a map of the exhibit booths at your event. You can setup your booths to be of any size desired, making planning easier than ever.

Marketing your Trade Show

Effective marketing is essential to the success of your trade show. Utilizing various marketing channels can help increase attendance and engagement, including social media, email marketing, targeted advertising, and partnerships with relevant industry publications or influencers. Make sure to have a clear message and value proposition for your event, and use eye-catching graphics and visuals to grab attention. Encourage attendees to share their excitement about the event on social media and consider offering referral incentives to incentivize them to spread the word to their networks. By utilizing a strategic marketing plan, you can maximize attendance and ensure the success of your trade show.

Choosing a Venue for your Trade Show

Choosing a venue for your trade show is crucial to its success. The venue should be able to accommodate the size of your event and have the necessary facilities such as parking, restrooms, and adequate space for booths and exhibits. Consider the location of the venue and accessibility for attendees, as well as any additional services offered such as catering or audiovisual equipment. It's important to visit potential venues in person and ask detailed questions to ensure that it meets all of your needs and fits within your budget.

Don't forget to ask about all the little fees, including AV liaison fees, dock and doorman fees, security guard fees, cleaning fees, and any other hidden costs associated with your chosen venue. It's important to have a clear understanding of all fees and additional costs to avoid any surprises in your budget. Make sure to get everything in writing and carefully review the contract before signing to ensure that you're not overlooking any hidden fees.

Use Tixily, It’s Extremely Easy

Organizing trade shows is simpler than ever thanks to Txily’s simple point-and-click features. Without any technological expertise or prior knowledge, anyone can create their own event schedule.

Over 10 years have gone into the development of our platform, which is used at some of the biggest events in the world, attended by more than ten thousand people. With the aid of Tixily's sophisticated software, event planners will significantly cut down on the time they spend on transactional details and devote it toward producing high-quality event material. Using event scheduling software like ours to plan your event’s schedule is a no-brainer.

Thanks to a very user-friendly interface and powerful engines created by top-notch developers, scheduling your event is a breeze. It's simple to construct a dynamic, event-filled itinerary with Tixily.

Instead of stressing on the "how to" aspects of your trade show, we want you to be free to devote your time and resources to preparing the exciting components. You won't ever have to worry about alienating your clients with transaction fees or other sneaky costs while using Tixily.