Conference Ticket Sales

Sell tickets to your conference, trade show, or event.

Sell tickets to the next big show.

Tixily allows you to sell any kind of event admission, including weekend passes, single day admissions, exhibit spaces, and more. You can set expiration dates for prices and create all the attendance categories necessary to make your event succeed.

Save on Fees

Don't pay any ticketing fees with Tixily. There are no hidden fees passed onto your attendees.

Fantastic Insights

If you organize multiple events, Tixily shows historical insights into your registration numbers.

Fast Check-In

Use our check-in programs to check-in attendees faster than you ever have.


See demographics about your attendees including ages, location, and more.

Features for Selling Tickets

  • Have unlimited types of tickets. We make it easy to have multiple ticket options. These can include different price tiers that increase as the event gets closer, booths for exhibitors, VIP tickets, and more.
  • No ticketing fees. We make your event feel more genuine by removing ticketing fees. There are no per-ticket fees when using Tixily for selling tickets to your event.
  • Scheduled access. You can schedule when tickets of a certain tier will go live to the public, allowing you to set-and-forget.
  • Access codes. You can lock certain prices between many-time or one-time-use access codes, enabling you to create an unlimited number of different promotions.

Is there a free option?

Yes! Our hobbyist pricing allows you to sell up to 5,000 tickets to your event for free. We don't add on any per-ticket or per-transaction fees like other platforms. Many platforms claim their service is free but then they add-on significant charges to your customer, client, or attendee. We add on no hidden fees.

How to sell tickets to my event.

Our powerful and free online ticketing software gives you all the resources you need to organize, promote, and grow your event. Organizers can spend less time focused on the nitty-gritty of event management and instead can focus on creating engaging and compelling content for their events. Deliver unmatched visitor satisfaction with our superior registration platform.

Blurred photo of tickets in hand.

Create seamless event listings that make it easier than ever for your customers to buy tickets to your event with a professional and well-crafted page. Our mobile-first landing pages for your event make it easy to convert would-be customers into got-tickets clients.

Build your brand and community of customers, maximize your ticket sales, and build long-lasting relationships with your customers when you enjoy our fully-optimized event management solution.

Fill more seats at your events and maximize revenue by reducing the cost of tickets thanks to our no-hidden-fees policies.

Spend your time and money on the most important parts of your event - the content - without spending all your time managing a headache of different systems and processes. Never again worry so much about transaction fees, event listing fees, and other hidden charges from your event registration software.

Empty seats in a standium.

Cheapest Ticketing Software Around

Hobbyist Free Pricing

Our hobbyist plan is completely free for event planners selling up to 5,000 tickets per year. You get unlimited flexibility in ticketing types, you can sell spaces to exhibitors, and get unlimited email support.

Professional Pricing

Our professional plan is the best choice for event planners with events under 10,000 people. At a low monthly price, less than the cost of dinner, enjoy our unparalleled event management technology.

Rockstart Event Professional Pricing

Rockstar pricing - still wildly cheaper than all the competitors - enables you to sell an unlimited number of event registrations and to take advantage of some of the world's best ticketing software.

Who sells tickets on Tixily

The professional organizers of some major annual conferences rely on our top-notch services to sell the tickets to their event. We put organizers minds at ease with the power of our software. We power events from all kinds of scale from 400 people all the way to 20,000 individuals attending. Take full control of your event with our powerful planning software.

Photograph from an event registration pickup area.

Tixily makes ticketing easy.

It has never before been quite so easy to sell tickets to your event without extra hidden fees. Create a massive conference, trade-show, or exhibition event on our platform because we make it easy to sell the tickets online to your event. Organizers can have unlimited number of events under their account, making their management experience smoother than ever. Few other platforms offer all the tools that we have, and none offer them at such competitive pricing. The whole process starts with setting up an organizer account and adding the name and dates for your event.

Photo of a seated crowd.

Use Badges, Wristbands, or Tickets

Powerful check-in tools give you the ability to use hard plastic badges for your crowd, making your event stand out and allowing your attendees to create long-lasting memories. You can also give visitors wristbands or physical tickets instead at your option. Integrated label-making software allows you to customize these for each individual participant.

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