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Tixily helps you sell tickets, build exhibition layouts, and plan your event agenda. Lowest Price Guaranteed.

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Sell Event Tickets

Tixily helps you sell tickets or registrations to your event, with unlimited flexibility. You can set unique price tiers with date-based pricing, one-time and multiple-use coupon codes, and tracking. Tixily offers all these powerful features with no per-ticket fee, potentially saving your organization and your customers thousands in fees.

Plan Conference Schedules

Organize your convention's entire schedule with our state-of-the-art scheduler.

Indicate the start and end times across multiple rooms with our easy to use visual scheduler. Publish your scheduler and save a ton of time. Much better than a spreadsheet or the old pen-and-paper.

Map Exhibit Spaces

Layout your entire exhibition space online and create fantastic tradeshow floor plans.

Deciding on the best physical arrangement of all the exhibitors is now a worry of the past, as our point-and-click interface for tradeshow floors will blow your mind. Add reception areas, booths, and anything else you want.

Product Features



Easy to use online registration and event ticketing web application.



A simple and cheap service for selling tickets for your events.



Organize your convention's entire schedule with our state-of-the-art scheduler.


Customizable Layout

Layout your entire exhibition space online and create fantastic tradeshow floor plans.


Great Pricing

The lowest ticketing pricing in town.



Not difficult to learn or understand interface.



  • 5,000 registrations

  • 500 schedule items

  • 200 exhibitors

  • Email support



  • 10,000 registrations

  • 1,000 schedule items

  • 500 exhibitors

  • Priority email support



  • Unlimited registrations

  • Unlimited schedule items

  • Infinite exhibitors

  • Priority phone support


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agenda items


events organized






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Using Tixily to sell tickets to your events and organize event schedules has saved organizers thousands of hours in time spent thinking, organizing, and planning. Instead of fighting to sync a dozen different cobbled-together tools, Tixily provides an all-in-one software solution for event management.

Organizing events is hard work. Event planners have to bring together multiple parties at the same time for a successful event. All these moving pieces need to be coordinated and scheduled for a tradeshow to be successful. You may need to coordinate vendors and the spaces they purchased and laying out their positions on our vendor map. There are exhibit hall "decorators" which are responsible for providing tables, chairs, tablecloths, pipe and drape, signs, freestanding banners, hanging banners, dividers, and more for your exhibitions. Audiovisual companies will provide lighting, speakers, projectors, and other systems for your sound and light needs. All these things need to be coordinated and take time from organizers. As an organizer this means your time is very precious. Relying on an event management software company like Tixily can help save literally hundreds of hours organizing per event. No longer rely on several different Google Docs and spreadsheets to run your convention. Instead you can use software to sell your tickets and manage your tradeshow exhibition hall and manage your conference schedule.

What Tixily does #1 - handles your ticketing and registrations. You need people to attend your convention, conference, or event, and Tixily is one of the best platforms for managing their attendance. They can buy a ticket from our online service instantly. We enable you to accept credit cards when selling tickets. Customers can use paypal to buy event tickets through Tixily as well. The money is directly deposited into your account, and we track whether or not they have paid you.

What Tixily does #2 - manages your convention schedule. Don't worry about having to make giant schedule grids and maps, because we have an online event scheduling solution. Your attendees can submit their own events to the schedule also. This means that you can have attendees of your conference submit the events they wish to hold and then your team can schedule them quickly and easily with our point and click interface.
Tixily has been designed to save event organizers hundreds of hours per event in planning time. No matter what part of the event planning process you need help with, Tixily is one of the best solutions out there.

Save time by using our easy-to-use and mobile-friendly event planning interface.