Exhibit Hall Mapping

Map your exhibit halls and trade show floors in our powerful and easy to use software.

Map out your exhibition space.

Trade shows don't have to be difficult to plan anymore. Use our exhibit hall mapping software to plan your trade show layout with easy.

Example exhibition space layout, made with Tixily!

Ex Hall Map

Dealers, Artists, and Exhibitions

Add standard size 10x10 dealer booths, or add singular tables for artists, or even layout space especially for special exhibitions using our world-class exhibit hall planning software.

Flexible Mapping

Set a map of any size you want in our flexible software.


Place your exhibit booths around your map in any manner you want.


Label areas of your map to make it clear for attendees and exhibitors.


Our software is some of the fastest in the world for exhibition mapping.

The Challenge of Trade Show Management

Planning a trade show is vastly different from planning other kinds of events, thanks to the increased expectations of exhibitors and sponsors participating in the show. Inviting vendors, selling booth spaces, and mapping out floor layouts is a unique challenge that doesn't happen at your typical conference event.

You're doing more than just organizing a few seminars, you're planning a memorable multi-faceted event that could have a real, meaningful impact for the dozens of the businesses attending. This means that the organization of your trade show needs to be impeccable.

Tixily's powerful features include some amazing event scheduling tools, but even better for trade shows is our software for mapping tradeshow layouts. If your event has exhibitors we can help you create amazing and easy-to-use layouts for the show.

Person jumping for joy in front of weird graphic

Bringing joy back to trade shows.

We seek to bring back the joy of organizing exhibition events for the organizers by providing a powerful suite of tools for large-scale events. You have plenty of other things to worry about from load-in logistics to venue requirements, so why spend all your time worrying about getting paid and creating maps. You can rest easier knowing that ticket and exhibition planning can all be done from one platform.