Deciding on prices for your events.

One of the most important and lasting decisions that can affect your event is deciding how to price your event. At what price will people walk away after your event thinking they received great value for their money?

There is one primary consideration to deciding your pricing: what's the goal of your event? If your event is primarily an educational conference for teachers, is your goal to include as many teachers as possible or is your goal to make as much profit as possible? IE are you a public benefit or a for profit business.

How expensive is too expensive?

The key is to think about your demographic. A conference for doctors may cost $5,000 to attend, while a conference for vacuum salesmen may cost $100 to attend. Your demographic's pocketbooks, and whether or not their company is paying, is key to determining ticket prices for your event.

Events where a company or association pays are going to be far more expensive than events where individual attendees have to pay on their own out of their own salaries.

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