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How to tackle the challenges that come with planning a conference.

Tixily helps healthcare conference organizers.

Tixily is a comprehensive event management platform that helps healthcare conference organizers to create, promote and manage their events with ease. Our powerful tools enable organizers to sell tickets online, manage registrations, create customizable event pages, track attendance and revenue, and much more.

With Tixily, healthcare conference organizers can focus on delivering valuable content to their attendees, while leaving the logistics to us. Our platform streamlines the event planning process, saving time and reducing stress for organizers, so they can deliver successful events.

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Tixily streamlines the registration process for healthcare conferences, making it simple for attendees to register and receive instant online confirmations, improving their overall experience.


Tixily's platform offers easy management of exhibition layouts for healthcare conferences, supporting sponsorships, and exhibit booths to showcase medical products and services.


Tixily's built-in scheduling system simplifies the planning of healthcare conference schedules, accommodating keynote speakers, panel discussions, and multiple conference rooms tailored to various medical topics.


Tixily's mobile-first landing pages ensure seamless access and ticket purchasing for healthcare conferences, enhancing user experience and helping to convert potential attendees into active conference participants.

Healthcare conference managers often face numerous challenges while planning and executing successful events. Tixily, a comprehensive event management platform, is here to alleviate these concerns and ensure that your healthcare conference runs smoothly.

Attracting the right audience and ensuring a seamless registration process can be challenging for healthcare conference managers. Tixily addresses this concern with its easy-to-use registration system, enabling attendees to register quickly and receive instant online confirmations. This user-friendly approach helps improve the overall experience and encourages more healthcare professionals to participate in your event.

Developing a comprehensive schedule for a healthcare conference can be a daunting task, especially when considering multiple sessions, speakers, and conference rooms. Tixily's built-in scheduling system simplifies this process, allowing you to create a well-organized event schedule tailored to various medical topics. This makes it easier for attendees to access and navigate the conference agenda.

Healthcare conferences often feature exhibitions and sponsored booths to showcase the latest medical products, services, and research. Tixily's platform offers easy management of exhibition layouts and supports sponsorships, helping you to efficiently organize and present these vital components of your event.

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Tixily is committed to helping healthcare conference managers tackle their most pressing concerns. Our platform is designed to streamline event management processes, allowing you to focus on delivering an engaging and informative experience for your attendees. By choosing Tixily, you are taking a significant step towards organizing a successful healthcare conference that will leave a lasting impact on your participants.

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