Scheduling Software for Conventions

Schedule your special events with any kinds of events happening at the show.

Plan a complete convention schedule.

Have unlimited speaker presentations, discussions, workshops, and events on your conference schedule. Tixily's complete event management platform makes it incredibly easy to plan events of all sizes.

Flexible Scheduling

Create any amount of events and guest speaker appearances at your event.


Our predictive engine tracks attendance to events and helps you manage.


Receive feedback on events, conference topics, and speakers.


See demographics about your attendees including ages, location, and more.

Unlimited Events & Rooms

You can add all the events you want, along with unlimited spaces, with ease. You are not limited to pre-defined room names or room types, and your schedule can be as flexible as you are. You can even add hidden events, such as sound checks or setup times, that will be shown as unavailable to audiences but still visible in your back-end.

Sample Event Schedule shows a grid format.

Easily Schedule Your Speakers

Our scheduling system will help detect conflicts with speakers appearing at two events at the same time and will highlight these potential issues for you. Tixily makes it incredibly easy to add your speaker's discussion or presentation topics to the schedule. Fill your events with presentations, screenings, discussions, workshops, and more.

Save Time

Once your schedule is complete you can begin publishing your schedule on our mobile-friendly website instantly with the click of a button. You don't have to wait for an app update or any other publishing delays. Got last minute changes and cancellations? You can remove them from the schedule instantly.

Point and Click Interface

With intuitive point-and-click features, it's easier than ever to create your conference schedules. Anyone can build their event schedule with no prior experience or technical knowledge.

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Our platform has been developed for over a decade and is in use at some of the largest conferences in the world with over ten thousand people attending. Tixily's advanced software helps event organizers dramatically reduce the time they spend on transactional details, allowing them to double their focus on providing quality event content. Planning your convention schedule using event scheduling software like ours is a no-brainer.

Built by world-class engineers, our powerful engines make schedule-planning a breeze for your event thanks to a super user-friendly interface. Tixily makes it easy to create a dynamic and event-packed schedule.

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