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Sell tickets to your conference, trade show, or event.

Sell tickets to the next big show.

Tixily allows you to sell any kind of event admissions, including weekend passes, single day admissions, exhibit spaces, and more. You can set expiration dates for prices and create all the attendance categories necessary to make your event succeed.

Build your schedule.

Tixily allows you to make your convention schedule quickly and easily. The key is in our excellent schedule-building interface that allows you to point-and-click to place any kind of event into your schedule. Your attendees and VIP guests can submit panels, workshops, discussions, and other sessions, and you easily can place them where they fit into your schedule. You can keep your schedule private up until its finished, and make it available to the public with a simple click of a button.

An example schedule

With ease, you can easily add any number of events and spaces. Your schedule can be as flexible as you are, and you are not restricted to specific room kinds or names. Even hidden activities, like setup or sound checks, can be added; these events will be concealed from audiences but remain visible to you in the back-end.

Our scheduling system will help detect conflicts with speakers and performers appearing at two events at the same time and will highlight these potential issues for you. Tixily makes it incredibly easy to add your events, workshops, discussions and other activities to the schedule.

Submitting Events
You can make it easy for individuals to submit events to add to your conference schedule with our event submission form, and these submissions are automatically saved in your event database.
Scheduling Activities
Once events are submitted, it takes only a couple of clicks to add the event to your schedule. You can have a flexible number of panel rooms and event spaces based on the size and scope of your event.

No matter what sort of event you are planning, Tixily's powerful suite of software tools enable event planners to focus on event content rather than ticketing and payment. Whether you're running a fun costumed convention or you're organizing a major concert you can rest easier knowing that your needs for event payment and information collection are handled. We've made it easier than ever to start up new events and easily hit the ground running. Now event planners can go back to creating amazing content-rich events.

Two Costumed People W Helmets

How To Plan Your Big Event

It can be difficult to prepare an event and run a small meeting with only five attendees, especially if it's your first time. Then picture organizing a huge concert with 100,000 guests and a well-known DJ as the main attraction. Can you picture the pain?

There are several things happening, like choosing your site, the seating arrangement, and the events. The secret is in the preparation; do the major tasks first so you can concentrate on putting everything together and, most importantly, take pleasure in your event.

Tixily is here to help, by leaving the selling of tickets to us, you can focus on the things that matters the most- making sure that your customers enjoy themselves. At Tixily, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a seamless experience in every stage of the ticket sale. Utilizing a specialized online ticketing system that makes it simple to buy and sell tickets and offers great customer support.

Tixily Testimonials

Before using Tixily, I struggled to sell tickets to my events. However, using Tixily's software, I was able to easily sell tickets and manage my event schedule. Tixily's user-friendly interface made it easy to create a schedule and add events, and their customer support team was always available to help answer any questions I had. Thanks to Tixily, my events are now more successful than ever. Highly recommend! - Julie, Tradeshow Planner
I've been using Tixily's software for the past year and I can't recommend it enough. Not only does it make selling tickets a breeze, but it also allows me to easily manage my event schedule and track attendance. Tixily's scheduling system is especially impressive as it helps detect scheduling conflicts and makes it easy to add new events to the schedule. Overall, using Tixily has made my event planning process much smoother and stress-free. - John, Conference Organizer

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