Conference Planning

How to tackle the challenges that come with planning a conference.

Conferences are fascinating because they bring together like-minded people from all over the nation or the world to learn, exchange ideas, network, share ideas, develop new ideas, and inspire motivation. You still have to stick to a budget, fulfill deadlines, arrange your schedule, recruit keynote speakers, and perform your regular job on top of everything else. How do you plan a fun and educational conference that will impress everyone, advertise it, get people to come, and take care of your own work obligations at the same time?

The Duties of a Conference Manager

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The duties of a conference manager include supervising the event's overall execution, keeping track of team members' progress on their given tasks, and resolving any problems onsite. Your goals may include reducing expenses, and improving attendee satisfaction, but it's also crucial to prevent reputational crises or issues, because a poorly planned conference can harm your organization’s reputation more than not doing any conference at all. Before you begin arranging a conference,think about why you're doing it and the target audience you want to reach. Planning well depends on having your objectives in order; they serve as a road map that gives you direction and keeps you on the right path. After goals are established and a guest list is created, decisions about themes, speakers, locations, lodging, and other factors follow.
The correct team should be formed, duties should be delegated strategically, channels of communication should be established, tasks should be prioritized, deadlines should be defined, the conference’s flow should be determined, and each speaker should finish at the appointed time. Your conference will be more successful if more things go according to plan.Event planners can go above and above by anticipating any problems or scenarios that may happen during the conference and putting policies and procedures in place for them.

We at Tixily understand that all of these can be hectic and we are here to relieve you of some of your burdens. Our online ticketing system offers all the technologies event planners require to completely manage ingoing crowds. A free plan can let you manage 5,000 attendees and 500 schedule items for your conference. Need more? With our professional plan you can double that, and with the Rockstar plan you can have as many as you can!

How Tixily Can Help

Admission Management

Whether the conference you are planning is invitation-only or open to the public, Tixily can help you manage the crowd. Tixily has been designed to easily get your attendees registered to participate. It allows you to differentiate admissions so that you can group people you want to be at the same place, by creating unique attendance categories.

The best part of Tixily is the savings on fees. With our pricing, Tixily has no hidden fees passed onto your attendees. Your attendees can register for your conference quickly and easily with Tixily's registration system, at no per-person fee for your attendees. Our fee structure is wildly beneficial for organizers of all sizes, allowing you to focus more on your event and less on the transactional details. This is great for events where cost is important, and can put save money into your organization. We also have great insights built into our software giving you a clear picture of your registration numbers and where your attendees are coming from.

Thanks to Tixily you can register more conference attendees than ever before. Participants can check out with a very intuitive checkout process, and they get an instant and free online confirmation that they can access anytime. This gives your conference participants confidence in the experience that your event will deliver.

Organize your Conference on Tixily

Using a professional event page, give your attendees a seamless experience during each step of the online conference registration and checkout process.

Utilize a specialized online ticketing system that makes it simple to acquire and distribute tickets and offers greater support for keynote speakers. Create an event page with a customizable RSVP form and simple ticket design tools to enable the creation of numerous ticket types.

Manage your attendees

You can add multiple types of tickets or entry passes for the press, staff,and guests. You can even customize each ticket category to make sure certain groups of people gather together. This is especially important for people looking to build strong professional networks.

Tixily also allows you to import and export attendees, so that all your guest list is in one platform, making management so much easier.

See Real Time Data Analytics

With Tixily’s online ticket management tool, you can gain quick and simple access to your attendance and registration data as well as useful information details on the registration sources of your attendees.

With self-service data reporting tools, you can discover what digital marketing and social media efforts are producing results and promote tickets online like an expert. Plan your conference schedule.

Whether it's your keynote speakers, or general discussion panels, Tixily has a built in scheduling system that makes creating your conference schedule easier than ever. You can add unlimited conference rooms and any number of schedule items to create a comprehensive event schedule that is easily accessible to your attendees.

You can add all the events you want, along with unlimited spaces, with ease. You are not limited to predefined room names or room types, and your schedule can be as flexible as you are. You can even add hidden events, such as sound checks or setup times, that will be shown as unavailable to audiences but still visible in your back-end.

Schedule your Speakers

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Our scheduling system will help detect conflicts with speakers appearing at two events at the same time and will highlight these potential issues for you. Tixily makes it incredibly easy to add your speaker's discussion or presentation topics to the schedule. Fill your events with presentations, screenings, discussions, and more.

Use Tixily, It’s Extremely Easy

Managing your conference is simpler than ever thanks to Tixily’s simple point-and-click features. Without any technological expertise or prior knowledge, anyone can create their own event schedule.

Over 10 years have gone into the development of our platform, which is used at some of the biggest conferences in the world, attended by more than ten thousand people. With the aid of Tixily's sophisticated software, event planners may significantly cut down on the time they spend on transactional details and devote it toward producing high-quality event material. Using event scheduling software like ours to plan your conference's schedule is a no-brainer.

Thanks to a very user-friendly interface and powerful engines created by top-notch developers, scheduling your event is a breeze. It's simple to construct a dynamic, event-filled itinerary with Tixily.

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Tickets Held
Create seamless conference landing pages that make it easier than ever for your customers to buy tickets to your event with a professional page. Our mobile-first landing pages for your event make it easy to convert would-be visitors into real conference participants. Build your brand and community of conference-goers, maximize your ticket sales, and build long-lasting relationships with your customers when you enjoy our fully-optimized event management solution.

Fill all the seats at your conferences and maximize your event revenue by reducing ticket prices thanks to our no-hidden-fees policies. We'd like you to be able to spend your time and money on planning the engaging parts of your event, instead of focusing on the "how to" parts. With Tixily you will also never worry about losing the faith of your customers with transaction fees and other hidden charges.
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