Tixily's Features

Tixily is the best way to manage your events - from ticketing to scheduling.

Ticketing & Registration

Tixily has been designed to make it easy to sell tickets to your event and get your attendees registered to participate. Tixily allows you to sell any kind of event admissions, including general admission tickets, weekend passes, single day admissions, exhibit spaces, and more. Event organizers can set expiration dates for prices and create unique attendance categories for various ticketing types.

The best part of Tixily is the savings on fees. With our pricing, Tixily has no hidden fees passed onto your attendees. This is great for events where cost is important, and can put more money into your pocket or the pocket of your exhibitors. We also have great insights built into our software giving you a clear picture of your registration numbers and where your sales are coming from.

Event Check-In

Tixily is designed for fast check-in. You can use our website to check-in attendees faster than ever before. We have all kinds of technology, including ID scanning and kiosks (for a fee) that enable quick event check-in.

Conference Scheduling

If you need software to create event schedules, Tixily has the best! Events can feature unlimited speaker presentations, discussions, workshops, and events on your conference schedule.

Trade Show Exhibit Space

Trade shows used to be such a pain to plan. Now registration and exhibit hall mapping are done in the same software! Use our exhibit hall mapping software to plan your trade show layout with easy.

Our Pricing

Other platforms charge huge fees per-ticket or just to get started. We aim to revolutionize the way you manage events by drastically lowering ticketing pricing and dramatically increasing your convenience.

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