Non-Profit Event Planning

Tixily is here to help, by leaving the selling of tickets to us, you can focus on the causes that matters the most.

Almost everyone who works for a nonprofit organization will concur that events are important. They agree that events offer a special chance to connect with possible donors who embrace your organization's mission and can aid in fundraising.

Of course, organizing these lucrative events isn't always easy. The success of an event is influenced by a variety of factors, including ticketing, event registration, effective communication, and more. While all of this might sound intimidating, Tixily can make planning and organizing easier, ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch.


Why Tixily?

Our low-price guarantee helps non-profits save more money for the mission.

Nonprofits can use Tixily to expand their audience and accomplish their goals. Through our software, you can manage your schedule, receive and incorporate events from major donors, manage ticket sales, see data analytics, and even plan your floor space. All of our software is completely free of charge for events with less than 5,000 people.

Nonprofit events are important because they provide a unique opportunity to connect with potential donors, raise awareness for a cause, and fundraise for the organization's mission. These events offer a platform to showcase the organization's impact and vision, cultivate relationships, and engage the community. Successful nonprofit events can help build momentum for future campaigns, increase visibility, and ultimately advance the organization's cause in a meaningful way.

Ticket Sales

Our hobbyist pricing allows you to sell up to 5,000 tickets to your event for free. We don't add on any per-ticket or per-transaction fees like other platforms.


You can add all the events you want with ease. You are not limited to predefined room names or room types, and your schedule can be as flexible as you are. You can even add hidden events

Data Analytics

See demographics about your attendees including ages, location, and more. Discover what marketing efforts are producing results and promote ticket sales online like an expert.

Tixily is here to help, by leaving the selling of tickets to us, you can focus on the things that matters the most- making sure that your donors enjoy themselves and keeping your mission funded for the good of society. At Tixily, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a seamless experience in every stage of the ticket sale. Utilizing a specialized online ticketing system that makes it simple to buy and sell tickets and offers great customer support.

Ticket Sales

Our online ticket-selling software can be fully configured in minutes and meets all of your needs. Whatever the size of your event, you'll find all the resources you need to handle registrations and ticket sales on your own. You can master online ticketing without any special training or abilities.

The best part of Tixily is the savings on fees. With our pricing, Tixily has no hidden fees passed onto your donors. Your attendees can register for your event quickly and easily with Tixily's registration system, at no per-person fee for your attendees. Our fee structure is wildly beneficial for fundraisers of all sizes, allowing you to focus more on your event and less on the transactional details.

Most ticketing software charge 2% of the ticket price plus a flat fee per ticket. Tixily on the other hand is free of charge for events with less than 5000 participants. For fundraising events of larger scale, you only have to pay between $35 and $105. To demonstrate how affordable Tixily is, see the table below.

ParticipantsOther Platform FeesTixily’s Fee
5000$100 + fee per ticketFree
10,000$200 + fee per ticket$35
20,000$400 + fee per ticket$105
50,000$1000 + fee per ticket$105

Features for Selling Tickets at Tixily

Have unlimited types of tickets. We make it easy to have multiple ticket options. These can include different price tiers that donors of different means can buy.

No ticketing fees. We make your event feel more genuine by removing ticketing fees. There are no per-ticket fees when using Tixily for selling tickets to your fundraising event.

Scheduled access. You can schedule when tickets of a certain tier will go live to the public, allowing you to set-and-forget.

Access codes. You can lock certain prices between many-time or one-time-use access codes, enabling you to create an unlimited number of different promotions.

Sell Your Tickets To Your Non-Profit Event

Handing someone a ticket

You can quickly and easily integrate your ticket marketing into a facebook page, or your own website with just a few clicks. Participants can check out with a very intuitive checkout process, and they get an instant and free online confirmation that they can access anytime. This gives your event participants confidence in the experience that your event will deliver.

Manage your ticket sales

You can add multiple types of tickets for the press, your staff, and various levels of donors. You can even customize each ticket category to price each ticket differently.

Create multiple ticket categories with different prices, so that people can buy tickets depending on how much they want to donate.

Create limited-time events to boost your ticket sales, or give promo codes for as many people as you like to promote the charitable event. Give your most passionate fundraiser recognition and extra perks.

Build your schedule.

Tixily allows you to quickly and easily create a fundraising event schedule. The key is in our excellent schedule-building interface, which allows you to place any type of event into your schedule with a single point-and-click. Your attendees and major donors can submit events that they want, and you can easily fit them into your schedule. You can keep your schedule private until it's finished, then make it public with the click of a button.

Our scheduling system will detect and highlight potential conflicts with speakers and performers appearing at multiple events at the same time. Tixily makes it incredibly simple to schedule your games, workshops, discussions, and other activities in your fundraising event.

Submitting Events

You can make it easy for individuals to submit events to add to your event schedule with our event submission form, and these submissions are automatically saved in your event database.

Scheduling Activities

Once events are submitted, it takes only a couple of clicks to add the event to your schedule. You can have a flexible number of panel rooms and event spaces based on the size and scope of your event

See Real Time Data Analytics

With Tixily’s online ticket management tool, you can gain quick and simple access to your attendance and registration data as well as useful information details on the registration sources of your attendees. The Tixily lets you keep an eye on check-ins and ticket sales in real-time from any smart device. With self-service data reporting tools, you can discover what digital marketing and social media efforts are producing results and promote ticket sales online like an expert.

To centralize your donor list, import and export donor data in CSV format. Your collected data is your property, and Tixily will never use it for commercial gain or sold to a third-party. Securely gather the data you require to approve attendees for your events.

Use Tixily, It’s Extremely Easy

Tixily's simple point-and-click features make organizing fundraising events easier than ever. Anyone, regardless of technological expertise or prior knowledge, can organize their own fundraising event, funding the cause they believe in.

Over ten years have gone into the development of our platform, which is used at some of the world's largest events, attended by over ten thousand people. Event planners can use Tixily's sophisticated software to significantly reduce the time they spend on transactional details and devote it to producing high-quality event material. It's a no-brainer to use ticketing and scheduling software like ours to plan your fundraising.

Ticketing and scheduling your event is a breeze thanks to a very user-friendly interface and powerful engines created by top-tier developers. Tixily makes it simple to create a dynamic, event-filled itinerary and intuitively sell tickets anywhere. Event planning has never been easier.

Rather than worrying about the "how to" aspects of your events, we want you to be able to devote your time and resources to planning the exciting activities. When you use Tixily, you won't have to worry about alienating your donors with transaction fees or other hidden costs.

Non-Profit Event Management

Planning a successful event requires a lot of effort, and often non-profit organizations have limited resources to do so. With Tixily, you can minimize the time and energy you spend on event management, and focus on your mission to make a difference.

Our event management software allows you to create a customized schedule, manage ticket sales, and access real-time data analytics tailored to your needs. You can add as many events as you want, and our software is flexible enough to accommodate any last-minute changes.

Tixily's scheduling system makes it incredibly simple to plan your charity event, enabling you to keep track of speakers, performers, and other activities every step of the way. Utilize a specialized online ticketing system that makes it simple to buy and sell tickets, and offer great customer support to give your attendees confidence in the experience that your event will deliver.

With Tixily's easy-to-use tools, you can create a successful event that will help meet your fundraising goals and advance the cause you believe in.

Start Planning Now

Donor Engagement Through Events

Events are a wonderful opportunity to engaged donors and grow your network to support your non-profit organization. By planning an event focused around a cause, you can build excitement and inspire others to contribute to your mission.

With Tixily, you can make it easy for donors to get involved and participate in your events. Our customizable event registration system allows you to create various ticket types and even use access codes to promote your event among different groups of people. You can sell tickets directly from your website or even from your Facebook page. With each ticket sold, you'll find the information you need to customize future events, keep in touch with donors, and understand your attendee base better.

At Tixily, we are committed to providing you with the tools to create successful events and advance your non-profit organization. Let us help you connect with your donors and reach your fundraising goals.

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